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100% Recycled Cotton


A shirt customized by color, price, size, and personally embroidered for you, if you'd like.   Up to you!  IT'S PERSONAL


If you'd like custom embroidery as pictured, please select 'Yes' and indicate which symbol or 1-2 letters you'd like below.  Symbols pictured, top to bottom:    :)   OK    !    *     =


All shirts are sent from Lexington, KY.  To pick up from Emily, select 'Local Pickup' at checkout.  To pick up from Camille in Oakland, CA, enter code 'OAKLAND' for a shipping discount.  All Oakland pickups will be shipped together weekly; Camille will contact you upon arrival. 


Collaboration by Camille Gwise and Emily Ridings.  Printed by Francis Screen Printing.


All donations will be sent to The Loveland Foundation, providing opportunity and healing to communities of color, and especially to Black women and girls.





S:  18” W x 27” L

M:  20” W x 27” L

L:  22” W x 29” L
XL:  24” W x 31” L