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I’m most content when I’m doing.  My appreciation for stillness has grown, but sometimes that leaves too much opportunity for thought.  I need the mind, body, world balance—I already know that.  My problems are rarely solved by thinking about them.  I have to experience the solution. 


My family sympathizes for my having to work over Thanksgiving, not realizing how glad I am to be knitting while we visit.  Multi-tasking is dangerous, but so is boredom. 


The farm has helped me to recognize the value of being. Each week I learned something and my mind was at ease.  The tasks I completed were special because they weren’t revolutionary—just tending to the needs of the plants.  I perfected my leaf raking skills and know to cut flowers at the node.  I can efficiently coil a hose and harvest collards.  It kept me here.  Here without worry about what’s behind or ahead, making sure I’m planting the garlic on a straight line, is happiest.


I am about to make four pair of identical pants in different fabrics because I can’t decide which to use.  Extra physical work relieves a lot of mental stress.  Four pairs of real pants is better than of one real pair plus three spirit pairs taunting what they might be.  And I like sewing anyway.